L’ Heroina intrepida

L' Heroina intrepida


All too often, the victims of the reasons of State are forgotten, This is the message of Frugoni who undoubtedly exaggerates, presenting Aurelia Spinola as a saint, sacrificed on the altar of political reason but who perfectly reincarnates a woman tormented between the love of God and that for men.

Aurelia Spinola


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opera of Francesco Fulvio Frugoni

Fictional biography of the life of Aurelia Spinola, Duchess of Valentinois, Marchese of Dego, Piana, Cagna and Giusvalla.
From the first chapters, Frugoni provides the justification of his opera: to narrate the life of a strong woman, of a brilliant soul, of a heart of diamonds, of a luminous life, of a sun of virtue: Aurelia is all gold and does not need ornaments to the story, because they would overwelm the friezes of the arguments.



L' Heroina intrepida

The opera was published in Venice in 1673.


Aurelia’s life is an example of a great destiny, a model of virtue, moderation, modesty, patience and firmness of character. FRUGONI defined his work as a great book of life. Through his opera he wanted to explain to the reader how sometimes women overtake men, in intrepid courage and prudence and how often within a weak body, a strong spirit can live. Despite the tragedy of a married life interrupted too early, at the age of 31, the Duchess retained her rank and gave 7 children to the Grimaldi dynasty of Monaco. Faithful to her Genoese origins, but also to her country of adoption, she managed to reunite her family lines, to reconcile herself with her son Louis and to welcome her nephew Antoine to Genoa towards the end of her life.


News about the life of Aurelia Spinola is taken from LE DESTIN D’AURELIA SPINOLA, UNE ARISTOCRATE DU XVIIème SIECLE PARTAGEE ENTRE GENES, MONACO ET LA FRANCE, première and deuxieme partie, by Raffaella Noero, in Annales Monégasques n 32-2008, n 33-2009 .