Genoa, a brief history of the Spinola family and the city

Genoa and the Spinola family a strong bond that was born over a thousand years ago.

The oldest memories link the city of Genoa to the Spinola since the 10th century. What is certain is that later Guido Spinola, a veteran of the Crusades in the Holy Land, became Consul several times starting from 1102. Genoa, thanks to its mercantile dimension, has in fact canceled Feudalism by creating a new formula for the good governance of the city. The Compagna Communis was born by ecclesiastical will …

The Family

Discovering the Spinola family, from the family tree to the figures of the present.

The Spinola family is one of the oldest and most important Genoese Family with the D’Oria, the Fieschi of Lavagna and the Grimaldi those.

The history of the Spinola family is intertwined with the history of Genoa. An ancient town of the Ligures, Genoa flourished under Roman rule before falling into comparative obscurity. As maritime trade grew, around the 11th century, the city established itself as an independent commune governed by…

Carlo Napoleone Spinola

1741 /
Carlo Napoleone Spinola, Marquis of the Holy Roman Empire
Marquis of the Holy Roman Empire
Cardinal Agostino Spinola

Cardinal Agostino Spinola

1482 /
Agostino Spinola was Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, the first in the Spinola Family.
Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church
Discovering how and where the Spinola name has spread and impressed in the world.


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