The Foundation

The Foundation

The Foundation is located in a recently renovated local, the Loggia, inside the Church of San Luca. In 2010 the renovation of the old arcade of the Church was finished, probably shut in times immediately after the foundation.

The restoration involved the opening of a new entrance at street level, so as to make the entrance to the Loggia independent of the entrance to the Church and the demolition of an outer wall that divided the room in two spacious compartments.

On the advice of the Superintendence for the Artistic and Historical Goods of Liguria, the Genoese terracotta flooring was retained. The marchioness Patricia Spinola designed the restoration and furnishing of the Loggia of the Church of San Luca.

The Board

The Foundation is managed by a Board consisting of five members appointed by the Assembly, chaired by the Governor and two members of the Genoa Curia.

Gianluca Spinola
Governatore Maggiore

Enrico Spinola

Carlo Spinola

Monsignore Mario Capurro

Monsignore Nicolò Anselmi

Andrea Spinola

Oberto Spinola

Cultural Activities

Starting in 1999, Fondazione Spinola has undertaken a series of cultural initiatives both in Genoa and Liguria supporting local institutions and projects. One of these initiatives involves organising music events. The Foundation focuses in particular on contemporary classical music and organises concerts by composers who are currently alive or have recently died. In this way, Fondazione Spinola has been able to pursue its own specific cultural interests while supporting the local government’s efforts to make culture accessible to a wider audience.

Since 2009 the Foundation, after the acquisition of the Church of San Luca, has focused its interest on social and cultural projects aimed to promote the Genovese Old City, in particular the area around the church. Concerts of contemporary classical music continue to be organized in San Luca. Concerts of contemporary classical music continue to be organized within the Church.

The Loggia

From time to time since 2014 the Loggia of the Fondazione is where the Cremona Quartet holds their rehersals with Cristiano Gualco violin, Paolo Andreoli violin, Simone Gramaglia viola, Giovanni Scaglione cello


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