The Foundation

The Foundation

The Spinola Foundation has its seat in the Loggia of the Church of San Luca. In 2010, the renovation of the antique church loggia was completed, it was probably closed in the period immediately following its foundation.

The restoration opened a new access to street level, in order to insure an independent entrance to the Loggia with respect to that of the Church, and the demolition of a perimeter wall that divided the room into two large spaces.

On advice of the Superintendence for the Artistic and Historical Heritage of Liguria, the floor in ancient Genoese terracotta has been maintained. The Marchioness Patricia Spinola has the merit of the planning and design of the restoration and the furnishing of the Loggia of the Church of San Luca.

The Board

The Foundation is administered by a Board composed of five members appointed by the Assembly, chaired by the Governor major, and two members of the Genoese Curia.

Gianluca Spinola
Governatore Maggiore (Governor Major)

Enrico Spinola

Carlo Spinola

Monsignore Mario Capurro

Monsignore Nicolò Anselmi

Andrea Spinola

Oberto Spinola

Cultural Activities

Since 1999, the Spinola Foundation has promoted cultural activities in Genoa and Liguria, showing particular interest in contemporary classical music, with the organization of concerts by contemporary composers who would have little chance of performing in the great theatres of Genoa.

Since 2009, the Foundation, following the acquisition of the Church of San Luca, the noble parish of the Spinola Family has directed its interest to projects of social and cultural regeneration of the historical centre of Genoa, in particular of the area of San Luca. Concerts of contemporary classical music continue to be organized within the Church.

The Loggia

Since 2014, the Loggia of the Foundation is the seat of the rehearsals of the Cremona Quartet with Cristiano Gualco Violin , Paolo Andreoli Violin , Simone Gramaglia Viola , Giovanni Scaglione cello.


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Secretariat of the Foundation
Costanza Orsi
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