The nobel parishes costitute a particular aspect of the history of Genoa. The Church of San Luca has always represented the exclusive place of worship of the members of the noble Spinola family. In the year 1485the church was entrusted in giuspatronato to the Spinola and Grimaldi families by Pope Innocent VIII. The institution of aristocratic parishes took place in an undefined period, before the 1589 decree of Sixtus V.

The Church of San Luca was founded in 1188 byOberto Spinola, on land owned by Oberto Grimaldi, his son-in-law. The façade of the building, rebuilt in the XVII century, still retains the characteristics of the typical genoese church. The decoration of the interior was entrusted to Domenico Piola, a true master of the fresco technique, and to Anton Maria Haffner, famous for his paintings in trompe l’oeil.

TheAdoration of the Shepards, a masterpiece of Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione (known as the “Grechetto”) and the two sculptures of Filippo Parodi, theImmaculate on the high altar andChrist deposited, are extraordinary examples of baroque art. It is said that Domenico Piola made this last opera polychrome in order to harmonize architecture, painting and decorations.

Noble Parish

The Church of San Luca is still the noble parish of the Spinola dinasty and every member of the family, wherever they live in the world, is linked to San Luca.

Parish Priest
Monsignore Nicolò Anselmi

Pasquale Pugliese

Visits and times

Opening hours

Morning 8.00 -12.00

Afternoon 15.00 – 19.00

Holy Mass timetable

from Monday to Friday 8.30
Saterday and Sunday 16.30

Holy Mass can be subject to variations according to the requirements of the liturgical calendar.


18 October
Celebration of Patron Saint – Saint Luke Evangelist

10 September
The celebration of Blessed Carlo Spinola.

The chasuble

Le Pianete

Stunning chasubles are conserved in the Loggia of the Church of San Luca.

Events in San Luca



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