The ancient villa of the Baliano family, consisted of a building constructed toward the end of the XVI century, which, from the typical parallelepiped shape, developed on six levels: Cellars/stables, raised ground floor, mezzanine, noble floor and mezzanine attic. A Palladian staircase outside the building connected the street floor to the entrance hall and then to the ground floor of the building. The scenic double staircase outside was enclosed in a small courtyard surrounded by stone and brick pillars, connected to each other with iron gratings. The building was surrounded by cultivated land, in particular vineyards for the production and sale of wine.

The text is entirely taken with the permission of the author from an article by Dr. Armando of Raimondo “Il palazzo di villa di Gio. Batta Baliano a Genova. Batta Baliano in Genoa. The legacy of the Doge Bernardo Clavarezza”.
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