Carlo Napoleone Spinola

Carlo Napoleone Spinola

Year of birth: 1741
Year of death: 1805

Carlo Napoleone Spinola was born in Genoa in 1741 to Giovanni Battista Spinola and Anna Adorno

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Carlo Napoleone Ignazio Gaetano Spinola was born Genoa in 1741, son of Giovanni Battista Spinola and Anna Adorno. He was the Marquis of the Holy Roman Empire and of Roccaforte, Count of Ronco, Lord of the Borgo Fornari, Vigo and Sentrassi.
The last offspring of the Counts of Ronco, he had a particularly substantial patrimony, which derived from the paternal (Spinola) and maternal (Adorno) inheritances.
Because of his folly, after wasting large sums of money, he was interdicted on August 30, 1780, and his tutelage was entrusted to Francesco Maria Spinola , Anton Giulio Raggi and Raffaele De Ferrari.
When Francesco Maria was deprived of authority because of his anti-French and conservative convictions, he was replaced by his cousin Domenico Spinola, who was more progressive and pro-French.
Domenico Spinola, general, was the son of Raffaele Spinola, brother of Giovanni Battista, thus first cousin of Carlo Spinola. The sister of Domenico, Settimia Spinola, married Raffaele de Ferrari of Girolamo. Domenico Spinola had two female daughters, Argenta and Lilla.

Carlo Napoleone died in Fegino in 1805.

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From “Monete e Medaglie degli Spinola”, coins of Ronco and Roccaforte by Agostino Olivieri …..If I can deduce from the documents, the era in which Ronco was elevated to Contea, I am of the opinion that Emperor Ferdinand III was the first to have granted such an honour to Napoleoneto gratify him for his services to the Empire, and that this had to have happened in around 1644… it does not seem to be a coincidence that 3 years later in 1647, Napoleone Spinola started to exercise the rights of Count and Marques of the Holy Roman Empire, minting coins. The masculine line of the Spinola family of Ronco and Roccaforte was extinct at the beginning of our century after Domenico succeeded his cousin Carlo and died without having children. The property passed onto the Raggio family, a part as heirs of Mrs. Giovanna Spinola, sister of the Marquis Carlo, and wife of Mr. Giuseppe Pinello, and a part purchased from the heirs of the Marquis Domenico.

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of the Spinola of Luccoli
Discendents of Napoleone IV Spinola (1607-1683), the Marchese of Roccaforte, the Count of Ronco.

Carlo Napoleone Spinola (1741-1805), son of Giovanni Battista Spinola and Anna Adorno of Luca.

Giovanni Battista Spinola (1707-1772), son of Carlo Spinola (1671-1736) and Settimia Grimaldi of Ansaldo. Carlo Spinola was the son of Stefano Spinola (1633-1687) and Giovannetta Pallavicini, daughter of Paolo Girolamo, brother of the famousGiovanni Battista Spinola (1668-1737), Balì of the Order of Malta.

Maria Giovanna Francesca Spinola (1758-1817), married Giuseppe Pinelli, no offspring. Giovannetta was the daughter of the second wife of Giovanni Battista Spinola, Teresa Raggi, daughter of Gio Antonio.

His first marriage was to Emilia Brignole di Ridolfo and his second to Ernesta di Starhenberg, no offspring.

His inheritance went first to his sister Giovannetta and then, due to her not having children, to her cousins, Gio Antonio and Giacomo Filippo Raggi.

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